Do you want to learn how to decorate cookies or cupcakes?

Host an Icing Party® or join one of our courses!

What is an ICING PARTY®? is a decorating course comfortable at your own house. For you, the course is completely free. The only thing you have to do is to play host, invite between 4 and 8 friends to join the course and pick an available date. The price for your friends, depending on your location, starts at $55. We will come to your house, bring all necessary material, and make sure you will have a great time decorating and learning the art of sugarcraft.

You can learn with us how to decorate cookies with Royal Icing or fondant; or cupcakes with Buttercream or fondant.

And you learn:

  • How to make dough for the cookies and Tricks for handling and baking
  • Tricks on how to use the rolling pin and cutters
  • How to make the icing or fondant
  • Basic techniques to decorate using icing or fondant


  • How to make the mixture (3 recipies) for muffins
  • How to make buttercream or fondant
  • Basic techniques to decorate using buttercream or fondant

Each course takes about 3 and a half hours.
Each course can be personalized with respect to duration, time, tecniques, etc. Please contact us for more information or visit our calendar of courses and events.