Muffins and Cupcakes

Specialties of Bake & FUN: Cupcakes and Muffins

Thanks to all who ask, occasionally we also bake cupcakes and muffins.


A cupcake is a soft, light mini cake, sometimes called Magdalena, which is baked in a paper cup and then decorated with fondant, butter-cream, meringue, chocolate, etc. A final touch is sometimes given by adding pieces of fruit, sprinkles, or anything else colorful and delicious. If it's not decorated, it's not a cupcake!

Why A Cupcake And Not A Cake?

  • A cupcake has the ideal size for an individual serving.
  • It's easy to transport.
  • It's easy to eat (no need to cut, use plates, knifes or forks)
  • You can surprise your guests with a fabulous (and delicious) Cupcake tower!

The most popular flavors of our delicious cupcakes are: chocolate, vanilla, banana, coconut, dulce de leche, red velvet and lemon cream. We decorate them with chocolate, vanilla or fruit butter-cream; with marshmallow or cheese creme; with meringue or swiss meringue. Choose the combination you like the most.  All is possible at Bake & FUN!

Muffins and Magdalenas

If you want something simpler, we offer our range of Muffins, ideal for breakfast or afternoon snack.

Remeber that we use 100% natural and organic ingredients and that all our creations are prepared from scratch.

Our specialties: whole grain muffins with fruit, walnuts, vegetables, spices, or the classic vanilla and chocolate chips.