About Us

Bake & FUN was established in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2011 focusing in transforming the joy of baking and the artistic creativity into a unique and prosperous business. Bake & FUN is a family owned business specialized in the creation and preparation of gourmet desserts and cookies for catering and special events.

The initiative, tenacity, enthusiasm and professionalism of our talented team is reflected in our work. From the creation of a new recipe to the consolidation of a great project for a client.

At Bake & FUN we strive to achieve unique and balanced flavors and we are known for merging international flavors, especially from the Netherlands, Spain and Mexico, our family roots.

Bake & FUN is a "green" company, committed to the environment and society:

  • The paper we use for packaging is 100% recycled
  • We do our best efforts to use 100% natural and local ingredients
  • We do not use any type of preservatives in our desserts. 100% guarantee of freshness.


Bake & FUN was created by Alejandra Hernandez-Giadans. She has a background in computer science and graphics engineering at PhD level but has always been involved in the world of gastronomy, art and culture at management level as well as hands-on. She has organized and produced large public events in the city of Barcelona related to music, traditions and gastronomy with high impact in the Spanish society before dedicating herself fulltime to her company.


In Bake&FUN we are always seeking new opportunities and pursuing new horizons.